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Foster Outdoor is now accepting resale-worthy spring/summer outdoor gear and apparel on consignment! Help us stock and shape your outdoor store. Whether you have a gear closet, shed or basement, dig around and take a look. Bring us your gear and apparel that sits there unused. Maybe the kids grew out of it? Your gear could be the perfect item or size to get someone else interested in a lifetime of outdoor adventuring!

Consigning at Foster Outdoor also helps minimize our carbon footprint while creating a revenue stream for community members. Everybody wins! What’s in your gear closet?


Bring in your gear when you have a few minutes to spare, fill out our new consignor paperwork and within 24-72hrs, your account will be active and your gear will be processed and priced for re-sale on our sales floor. Foster Outdoor’s goal is to set pricing that benefits both the customer and consignor while promoting quick sell-through.


  • Item price $1 - $400 = 50% consignor split
  • Item Price $401 and up = 60% consignor split


We have 2 consignment seasons.

Spring/Summer consignment runs 3/1 - 9/30

Fall/Winter Consignment runs 9/5 - 4/1


Your unsold items may be discounted 10% after 30 days and 30% after 60 days. If your item doesn’t sell after 90 days, you may choose to pick up or donate.


Payouts are made upon request. Consignors may use their balance as store credit or cash out.




Consignors will have access the their account online and will be issued a username and password to view active and sold inventory along with balances, receipts and payouts.