Foster Outdoor Build-Out

Written by Mike Turner


Posted on April 14 2019

It was one of those gorgeous, sunny September days we tend to have here in Portland. Maea was due for an afternoon nap, Foster Outdoor needed a storefront, and I needed to work out some anxiety. I decided to throw Maea in the stroller, and we walked the length of Foster Rd. in search of the perfect storefront.

We knocked on doors and took photos of vacant buildings, trying to find any information on leasing some of these empty commercial buildings on SE Foster Rd. 

I knew there was a vacant storefront next to small, independent coffee shop called Carnelian Coffee. When we stopped in, something felt right. I think it was a combination of Katie's warm smile, the smell of their freshly roasted coffee - it's fantastic - and feeling the energy of all their self-hounded rocks! This was my kind of place. I knew they would make the perfect neighbors. 


The storefront was a bit rough around the edges when we took over the lease. Sarah and I joked the color scheme would be perfect if we were opening a candy store, but something had to be done - inside and out. 


Luckily, we had Eric from Shorty's Hammer helping us with the inside build, and Travis from Idle Hands Collective painting the outside mural. Eric used 100 year-old ship lap to build the street's sexiest dressing room, meanwhile Travis made Sarah's treescape vision a reality. 

When the sun sets, and night falls, our funky reflective windows come alive.

We've been working on building our inventory - both new and second-hand. We hope you pop in this summer to grab your camp food, fuel, sun hats, or just get lost for awhile in the consignment room, and let your #outdoorscore find you.

We hope you like it,

Mike, Sarah and Maea




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